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Yakima, Washington Shooting Suspect Jarid Haddock Dead, Cause Of Death, What Happened & More!

We’re here to inform you about the suspect in Yakima Washington who was involved in the shooting that took place, so make sure you’ll be reading this while we’re here, and you’ll know about the fatal three-person fatality A shooting? The suspect is Jared Haddock. So make sure you get to the end of this article, we have some important updates regarding show times at circle ke convenience stores.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Shooting in Yakima, Washington

The suspect involved in the shooting is now in police custody and further investigations are underway, so the shooting happened at the store on Monday, but the police hunted down the suspect a few hours later because they were The man hunted because around 3:00 p.m. local time three people were involved and were at a distance.

Who is Jarid Haddock?

When the shooting happened in a gray or silver Chrysler 200, the suspect was trying to escape from that particular scene. The suspect killed the driver in the vehicle, who would become the fourth victim in the shooting, before trying to flee , Yakima police rushed to the scene immediately.

Yakima, Washington shooting suspect Jared Haddock dead

However, at this point, when they tried to arrest him, he was being treated by first responders, no police officers shot him, it was a fairly random attack, he was walking into the store and he just started shooting, The motive is unknown We have been notified of the shooting but the investigation is still ongoing Shoot the convenience store.

However, some videos related to the shooting have circulated on social media platforms, also showing the suspect being shot and running away from the passengers in the vehicle. He can be seen moving across the passenger seat in the video. Saddened to those who lost their lives unknowingly in the incident, condolences and sympathies to their families, may the beautiful soul rest in peace.

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