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Yellowstone Art Museum hosting first big public event since the pandemic – Brospar Daily News

BILLINGS — The Yellowstone Museum of Art connects Montanas to the past and present through various art exhibits, and this weekend has the opportunity to bring home part of the museum.

YAM will hold its first major public event since the pandemic on September 10, titled “Yellowstone Art Museum Night.”

“We will be auctioning off 24 works of art by 23 leading regional artists who have contributed to this work to support the efforts of the museum and really help us fund all of the great educational outreach that happens at YAM,” said the Managing Director Jessica Ruhle, YAM Directors.

The event will see 100 attendees dine, dance and bid on the various works of art available. Bidding is also open to the public online, with the section due to begin on Friday. Funds will be shared between the artist and YAM.

“We share the profits with the artists who have contributed, so some of those profits go to the artists themselves. This seems to be a very important element, especially given our relationships with regional artists. And then the whole museum wins. Proceeds will support all of our ongoing exhibition programs, community outreach, education programs including audiences of all ages from K-12 to adults. So that makes a big difference,” Rhule added.

The exhibit was open to the public and caused a stir in the local art world and throughout the state.

“We have been very interested in the parts so far. Many people come to see the exhibition in person. And having the artwork online helps them reach a wider audience. We are very excited about all of this,” said Molly Schiltz, YAM Special Events Coordinator.

The art is region specific, all artists are from Montana, Wyoming, Idaho or Washington.

“Here, everyone is connected to the region. There are two artists in Washington State. There are also some artists from neighboring states. Everyone is in the neighborhood. All are truly celebrated for their work. As emerging artists and with some really established artists, the auction is very broad,” Ruhle said.

For collectors or amateurs, this is an opportunity to enrich their collection while contributing to a good cause.

“They are really famous artists from the region. So, it’s a really exciting, tight-knit series, and everyone’s really talking. So it should be a really good night,” Schiltz added. road.

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