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Your Guide to the Best Plant Shops and Nurseries Around SF


Like many cities around the world, San Francisco has fallen in love with indoor plants during the pandemic. Although a monstera no longer fetches $4,000, the joy that a flower or bud can bring to a home during the holiday season can be priceless.

We’ve rounded up some of the best plant shops in the Bay Area and recommend some of our favorites.



Few botanic stores can boast of also offering natural wines, but Arcana is the meeting place for grape and wine lovers. The beautifully designed store transforms into a trendy bar at night, offering plant-based snacks and hosting live music several nights a week.

πŸ“2512 Mission Street
πŸ”— Website www.arcanasf.com


Haight, Mission, Pac Highlands

Arcana isn’t the only SF plant store that lets you soak up the vibe with live music. Mellow has three locations throughout the city, hosting the location of the Haight Street Intimate Jazz Concert Series as well as workshops on floral design, wreath making and more.

πŸ“1401 Haight Street | 3236 21st Street | 1906 Fillmore Street
☎️ (650) 215-6754
πŸ”— Website www.themellowsf.com


Bernal Heights

True to its name, this plant store in Bernal Heights is full of succulents and has a planting column. Here you can create your own terrariums, vertical gardens, etc. You can even customize it with Succulence your own moss wall.

πŸ“No. 402 Corland St.
☎️ (415) 282-2212
πŸ”— succulence.com


castro, fillet

The store specializes in rare and unusual items, from hanging and pet-friendly varieties to plants that thrive in low-light conditions.

πŸ“2077 Market Street | 687 O’Farrell Street
☎️ (415) 400-4563 | (415) 500-2037

Chai Saechao holds a variegated philodendron gloriosum plant at Plant Therapy in San Francisco. | Benjamin Vanjoy/Standard

the Bay

down up

An oasis off Haight Street, this little botanical shop also houses a treasure trove of unique earth and plant-themed gifts. This is the place to buy potted plants and gift cards.

πŸ“206 Fillmore Street
☎️ (415) 863-8199
πŸ”— covecove.com

wandering often


Can’t decide between a potted plant or a scented candle for you or a friend? You don’t have to be at Orental Wander, a shop on Valencia Street that offers plants and also specializes in soy candles and other scented gifts such as incense, reed diffusers, oils for bath and hands.

Pro tip: Bring home one of these Often Wander products, 50% off refills, and an excuse to go back and grow another plant when you run out of hand sanitizer.

πŸ“593 Valencia Street
☎️ (415) 915-5317
πŸ”— Changyou.com

Paxton Gate


This traditional business is known for its collection of curious taxidermies and quirky animals, but did you know they also sell backyard plants? Whether you choose ferns, air plants or bonsai, you’re sure to find something unique in this quirky collection.

πŸ“824 Valencia Street
☎️ (415) 824-1872

Sloat Garden Center

Various NorCal locations

Born in San Francisco’s Sunset District, this Northern California chain is popular with locals and has three locations in the city and four in Marin. All Sloats have plenty of beauty inside for gift giving – and outside you’re sure to find local roses, trees or cacti for arches.

πŸ“3237 Pierce Street
☎️ (415) 440-1000

The Phytotherapy sign is displayed above the main entrance to the SF store. | Benjamin Vanjoy/Standard

Nursery Clement


Clement Nursery was originally a dairy farm in 1904, and its unique location makes visitors feel a million miles from the city. Find a collection of trees, grasses, plants and flowers.

πŸ“1921 rue Clement
☎️ (415) 750-3990
πŸ”— facebook.com/clementnursery

San Francisco Botanical Garden Bookstore

golden gate park

A must stop for gardening enthusiasts and those who buy them gifts. Located at the edge of the garden, the shop is open daily and features a variety of plant-related books, decorations and gifts – oh, and plants! – Include native plants and vegetables. (If you’re wondering, Flower School poinsettias and other plants are also sold across from Golden Gate Park.)

πŸ“1199 Ninth Avenue.
☎️ (415) 661-1316
πŸ”— sfbg.org/library

see also

Flora Grubb Gardens

Bay view

West Coast “Modern Plant Expert”, a spacious nursery that has recently expanded from outdoor to indoor plants, specializing in plants that don’t need a lot of water to thrive.

πŸ“1634 Jerrold Street
☎️ (415) 626-7256
πŸ”— floragrubb.com

plant lady science fiction

Corner of the fire

This plant shop in the heart of San Francisco’s Ingleside neighborhood specializes in indoor plants and handcrafted, eco-friendly products. All plants are locally sourced and replenished every two weeks.

πŸ“ 1637 Ocean Avenue.
πŸ”— www.theplantladysf.com

earth and moss


find something truly unique floor and moss on Telegraph Avenue. This minimalist plant shop specializes in Kokedama, a Japanese gardening technique of neatly trimmed plants perched on balls of moss that originated in the art of bonsai.

πŸ“2312 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
πŸ”— ofsoilandmoss.com

the selvas

Saint Bruno

If you are on the peninsula, be sure to visit the las selvas community plant store Sells plants from around the world, as well as crafts from Mexico, and offers a youth plant education program for families and young people adults with gardening skills called companion plant.

πŸ“671 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno
πŸ”— www.laselvas.com

on line

Finally, if it is not possible to pick a plant or send a bouquet far away, Yuan Florist might work for you. it’s the idea of ​​rebellious Japanese flower shop Dongcheng and virtual flower shop where you can send NFT digital bouquets to your loved ones. The Meta Florist site has several for $27 and you can watch it on the website. There will be more flower drops in the future.


on line

Farmgirl is an Auckland-born start-up whose burlap-wrapped bouquets still look as fresh and beautiful as they did in 2010 when the company was founded. The company assures customers that Bay Area-style bouquets can be shipped anywhere via FedEx and UPS, and they will get them there on time.
πŸ”— www.farmgirlflowers.com


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